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All of us have had someone in our life who has made a difference.  This person took the extra time to listen, to help, and to give of themselves to improve another's life.  We often think of them as angels who entered our lives, if only for a brief time, and changed us forever.


The Angels Race is an opportunity to honor an angel who has touched your life.  The proceeds of the race go to support programs that encourage students, teachers, and organizations to be a positive force in the lives of children.  The primary beneficiaries are the Brittany Groover Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Karla Bolen Memorial Fund.  Both endowed funds are devoted to promoting educational opportunities in the communities that support the Angels Foundation and its activities.


The Brittany Groover Memorial Scholarship Fund provides financial support to church and community based youth oriented camps and conferences, as well as providing financial support to one or more graduating seniors from Jefferson Forest High School in Forest, Virginia.

The Karla Bolen Memorial Fund provides grants to teachers to reward excellence in teaching and enriches the existing curriculum. 



‎2 years ago, I attended the Angel's Race at Tangelwood. Everyone was waiting for the last person to finish. Finally, she came into view...a lovely large sized lady. She was running with all her heart. I cried as I always do when I see bravery. I high 5'd her as she passed by me & thought to myself, "if she can do this, so can i." This year I finally put down the cigarettes, learned to swim, bought a bike & started training. My goal? To do the Angel's Race. I don't know that lady's name but she is my earth angel.