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The Brittany Groover Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Brittany Groover, a 15 year-old sophomore at Jefferson Forest High School who was killed in an automobile accident on November 12, 2002.  Everyone remembers Brittany for her smile and her kindness to others.  Brittany lived her entire life in Forest, Virginia.  She loved soccer, swimming, Virginia Tech football, and St. Andrew Presbyterian Church.

  The scholarship fund has two main goals: 

  • Provide financial support to community and faith based youth oriented camps, conferences, and mission initiatives.
  • Provide financial support to community based programs to keep teens safe (i.e. teen driving safety, JFHS After Prom, etc.).


‎2 years ago, I attended the Angel's Race at Tangelwood. Everyone was waiting for the last person to finish. Finally, she came into view...a lovely large sized lady. She was running with all her heart. I cried as I always do when I see bravery. I high 5'd her as she passed by me & thought to myself, "if she can do this, so can i." This year I finally put down the cigarettes, learned to swim, bought a bike & started training. My goal? To do the Angel's Race. I don't know that lady's name but she is my earth angel.