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Granting elementary teachers the resources to excel in the classroom.

Karla sought to bring out the potential in everyone she touched.  As a teacher she found the best in her students, and taught many to achieve more than they thought possible.  She used her time and talents beyond the measure of what was expected.  She believed in teaching a love of learning, whenever possible developing activities to broaden and enrich the experience of her students beyond the curriculum or standard.  The legacy she left at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Falls Church, VA was an inspiration in founding the Angels Foundation.



Karla said it was easy to teach the bright and the gifted.  Her friends remember Karla's special talent with the troubled or average child.  She knew how to find the hidden or undiscovered talents deep within - and the ability to bring them out.  All of her students were "her children" and she encouraged, loved and taught them as if they were her own.

As a mother, teacher and friend, she was not afraid to ask difficult questions out of love and concern, even if it meant putting herself at risk.  She is remembered by many as an angel who forever changed their lives through her teaching, compassion, and persistence in believing in people, especially when they had trouble believing in themselves.


The Karla Bolen Memorial Fund was established to provide grants to elementary school teachers to enrich the learning experience of their students, and encourage talented and committed teachers to remain in the field of education.  The fund is supported through corporate and individual donations, and is a benefactor of the Angels Foundation.



‎2 years ago, I attended the Angel's Race at Tangelwood. Everyone was waiting for the last person to finish. Finally, she came into view...a lovely large sized lady. She was running with all her heart. I cried as I always do when I see bravery. I high 5'd her as she passed by me & thought to myself, "if she can do this, so can i." This year I finally put down the cigarettes, learned to swim, bought a bike & started training. My goal? To do the Angel's Race. I don't know that lady's name but she is my earth angel.