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1 Angels Race VA 2015 5955
2 4/16/2007 Race for a reason 3706
3 2005 - Triathlon honors "angels" 3576
4 4/28/2004 Plenty turn out for triathalon 3545
5 4/13/2008 Memories of loved ones spur triathlon participants 3584
6 4/13/2008 Determination to Serve 3282


‎2 years ago, I attended the Angel's Race at Tangelwood. Everyone was waiting for the last person to finish. Finally, she came into view...a lovely large sized lady. She was running with all her heart. I cried as I always do when I see bravery. I high 5'd her as she passed by me & thought to myself, "if she can do this, so can i." This year I finally put down the cigarettes, learned to swim, bought a bike & started training. My goal? To do the Angel's Race. I don't know that lady's name but she is my earth angel.