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3   Link   36° North Sprint Triathlon
Never done a triathlon but ready to give it a "tri"? Are you a veteran looking for a great race to kick off the summer? The 36 NORTH SPRINT TRIATHLON on JUNE 7, 2009 at Tanglewood Park in Winston-Salem, NC is the answer!
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5   Link   Ramblin Rose
With venues in Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and Chapel Hill, this year’s Tour reached the 3 largest markets in the state of North Carolina. All in all, the Tour enabled over 1800 participants to “Celebrate the Empowerment of Women” by training for and finishing what for most was their first triathlon ever! Once again, the Ramblin’ Rose did what few events have the ability to do - bring together women of all ages and athletic ability, in a collective movement to inspire, support and propel each other to do more than they thought possible.
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To me, there's not another race with such a "feel good" atmosphere. Thanks to you and all of the staff and volunteers who put forth 110% effort into staging a great race. I'm glad I got to be a part of it!